Keighley Station

The ramp that runs down to Platform 4 from the cross-over footbridge will be the first part of the station to have significant work. The ramp will be fully renewed; this will help reduce the long-term maintenance and improve access for inspecting the ramp condition in future. This means the ramp will be closed entirely from the 29th of August and for the duration of The Beer and Music Festival!

How to Access the StationThere are two ways to enter the station while the ramp is closed.


This route involves two sets of steps to access Platform 4 for KWVR Trains. Enter the station building and use the ramp to Platform 2; this is signposted for trains to Skipton. Once on the platform, take the gate on the right-hand side to access Platform 3 and the subway steps. Take the steps down and follow the subway, bringing you onto Platform 4.


This route has step-free access.

From the station forecourt with the station in front of you; turn right and take your first left onto Low Mill Lane. Walk 75 meters down the road, and turn left into the car park. Once in the car park, turn right, walk towards the water tower and enter Platform 4 up the small ramp.

There will be stewards at the station to help you, or you can pop into The Old Parcels Office, and they will help guide you… You can even have a pint while in there!