The Beer & Cider List

Beers are from the cask, except where indicated otherwise after the beer name.

  • KK – Served from a KeyKeg; gas pressure is used but is not applied directly to the beer.
  • Keg – Served under gas pressure
  • VF – do not use Isinglass finings or contain any animal-derived products and are suitable for vegans. These beers may have a natural haze.
  • Where the brewery name is shown in BOLD that beer will be available from the brewery’s own Brewery Bar.

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LocationBreweryBrewery LocationBeer NameABV
OxenhopeABBEYDALESheffieldIrish Red Ale4.3%
IngrowAMITYFarsley, West YorkshireBuff (VF)3.8%
IngrowAMITYFarsley, West YorkshireFestoon (Keg) (VF)4.6%
IngrowAMITYFarsley, West YorkshireSpinning Mill Barrel Project 001(VF)#####
IngrowAMITYFarsley, West YorkshireWaterpistol (Keg) (VF)4.6%
Up to 2 of the 6 Amity Brew Co Keg Beers shown below will be available at any one time.
IngrowAMITYFarsley, West YorkshireAutum (Keg) (VF)4.6%
IngrowAMITYFarsley, West YorkshireBeach Cove (Keg) (VF) 4.6%
IngrowAMITYFarsley, West YorkshireDDH Wasterpistol (Keg) (VF)6.4%
IngrowAMITYFarsley, West YorkshireGreen Hop Beer (Keg) (VF)4.5%
IngrowAMITYFarsley, West YorkshireKazoo (Keg) (VF)4.0%
IngrowAMITYFarsley, West YorkshirePhantom (Keg) (VF)5.4%
OxenhopeBARKER BRIDGECullingworth, West Yorkshire3 B’s4.2%
OxenhopeBARKER BRIDGECullingworth, West YorkshireArch Blonde4.0%
OxenhopeBARKER BRIDGECullingworth, West YorkshireDark Day4.2%
OxenhopeBARSHAMWest Barsham, NorfolkBitter Old Bustard (B.O.B.) (VF)4.3%
OxenhopeBEARTOWNCongleton, CheshireGlacier3.6%
Up to 4 of the 8 Bingley Brewery Cask Beers shown below will be available at any one time.
KeighleyBINGLEYWilsden, West YorkshireAmarillo3.8%
KeighleyBINGLEYWilsden, West YorkshireDefragged My Zebra4.7%
KeighleyBINGLEYWilsden, West YorkshireDr Rudi4.1%
KeighleyBINGLEYWilsden, West YorkshireGoldy Locks4.0%
KeighleyBINGLEYWilsden, West YorkshireHigh Noon4.5%
KeighleyBINGLEYWilsden, West YorkshirePetham Cross4.3%
KeighleyBINGLEYWilsden, West YorkshireSteady State4.2%
KeighleyBINGLEYWilsden, West YorkshireTasman Bay3.9%
KeighleyBINGLEYWilsden, West YorkshireThat’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles5.2%
OxenhopeBLACK HOLELittle Eaton, DerbyshireIPA5.2%
OxenhopeBLACK SHEEPMasham, North YorkshireRiggwelter5.9%
OxenhopeBOWLANDClitheroe, LancashireBoxer Blonde4.0%
OxenhopeBRASS CASTLEMalton, North YorkshireBeowulf (Keg) (VF)4.2%
OxenhopeBRASS CASTLEMalton, North YorkshireDisruptor (Keg) (VF)7.4%
OxenhopeBRASS CASTLEMalton, North YorkshireExit Music (VF)5.5%
OxenhopeBRASS CASTLEMalton, North YorkshireFat Rascal (VF)4.2%
OxenhopeBRASS CASTLEMalton, North YorkshireFruit Lupe (VF)4.8%
OxenhopeBRASS CASTLEMalton, North YorkshireGlide (VF)3.2%
OxenhopeBRASS CASTLEMalton, North YorkshireHerman Heff (VF) (Keg()5.2%
OxenhopeBRASS CASTLEMalton, North YorkshireHoptical Illusion (Keg) (VF)4.3%
OxenhopeBRASS CASTLEMalton, North YorkshireKintsugi (Keg) (VF)4.8%
OxenhopeBRASS CASTLEMalton, North YorkshireMisfit (VF)4.3%
OxenhopeBRASS CASTLEMalton, North YorkshireNitro Bad Kitty (Keg) (VF)3.6%
OxenhopeBRASS CASTLEMalton, North YorkshireZest for Life ((VF)6.5%
OxenhopeBREW YORKYorkCalmer Chameleon3.7%
OxenhopeBRIDGEHOUSEKeighley, West YorkshireAired Ale4.1%
OxenhopeBRIDGEHOUSEKeighley, West YorkshireBlonde4.0%
OxenhopeBRIDGEHOUSEKeighley, West YorkshireCherry Choc6.0%
OxenhopeBRIDGEHOUSEKeighley, West YorkshireHoly Cow5.6%
OxenhopeBRIDGEHOUSEKeighley, West YorkshirePorter4.5%
OxenhopeBRIDGEHOUSEKeighley, West YorkshirePumpkin Head 4.2%
OxenhopeBRIDGEHOUSEKeighley, West YorkshireRum & Raisin Stout4.9%
OxenhopeSkipton, North YorkshiireKeighley, West YorkshireTequila Blonde3.8%
OxenhopeBUTCOMBEWrington, SomersetHaka4.5%
OxenhopeCAMERON’SHartlepool, County DurhamStrongarm4.0%
OxenhopeCASTLE ROCKNottingham, NottinghamshireHarvest Pale3.8%
OxenhopeCOPPER DRAGONSkipton, North YorkshireBlack Gold3.7%
OxenhopeCOPPER DRAGONSkipton, North YorkshireGolden Pippin3.9%
OxenhopeCOPPER DRAGONSkipton, North YorkshireScotts 18164.1%
OxenhopeCOPPER DRAGONSkipton, North YorkshireSilver Myst4.0%
OxenhopeCOPPER DRAGONSkipton, North YorkshireAntidote3.8%
OxenhopeCOPPER DRAGONSkipton, North YorkshireWhite Snake4.0%
OxenhopeCRAVENCrosshills, North YorkshireBlonde4.0%
OxenhopeCRAVENCrosshills, North YorkshireRed4.1%
Train ADARK HORSESkipton, North YorkshireWorth Valley Pale4.2%
OxenhopeDARKLANDHalifax, West YorkshireOff The Lip (VF)4.4%
OxenhopeDARKLANDHalifax, West YorkshireParadise (VF)4.8%
OxenhopeDISRUPTIONCamberley, SurreyArcadia4.0%
OxenhopeEAGLES CRAGTodmorden, West YorkshireThe Eagles Jester4.3%
OxenhopeEAGLES CRAGTodmorden, West YorkshireThe Regal Eagle VF)8.0%
OxenhopeELLANDElland, West Yorkshire1872 Porter6.5%
OxenhopeEXMOORWiveliscombe, SomersetRedstone4.6%
OxenhopeFAT CATNorwichTom Cat4.1%
OxenhopeFIXED WHEELBlackheath, West MidlandsPETO4.6%
OxenhopeGOOSE EYE Crossflatts, West YorkshireChinook4.2%
OxenhopeGOOSE EYE Crossflatts, West YorkshireGem State Pale4.0%
OxenhopeGOOSE EYE Crossflatts, West YorkshireGoose Eye Bitter3.9%
OxenhopeGOOSE EYE Crossflatts, West YorkshireOver and Stout5.2%
OxenhopeGOOSE EYE Crossflatts, West YorkshirePommie’s Revenge5.2%
OxenhopeGOOSE EYE Crossflatts, West YorkshireSpring Wells3.6%
OxenhopeGORILLAMexborough, South YorkshireApe-X4.4%
OxenhopeGORILLAMexborough, South YorkshireStoutrageous4.2%
OxenhopeGORILLAMexborough, South YorkshireTwistin’ My Lemon Man4.8%
OxenhopeGREAT NEWSOMEWinestead, East YorkshireFrothingham Best4.3%
OxenhopeGREAT NEWSOMEWinestead, East YorkshireSleck Dust3.8%
OxenhopeHAMBLETON Melmerby, North YorkshireBlack Spot5.2%
OxenhopeHAMBLETON Melmerby, North YorkshireHeadless Horseman4.2%
IngrowHARROGATEHarrogate, North YorkshireHarlow Blonde 3.9%
IngrowHARROGATEHarrogate, North YorkshireHarrogate Best4.5%
IngrowHARROGATEHarrogate, North YorkshireHarrogate Pale4.2%
IngrowHARROGATEHarrogate, North YorkshireHarrogate Pilsner (Keg)4.6%
IngrowHARROGATEHarrogate, North YorkshirePlum Porter4.8%
IngrowHARROGATEHarrogate, North YorkshireWavey Marms IPA (Keg)3.8%
OxenhopeHAWKSHEADStaveley, CumbriaRed4.2%
OxenhopeILKLEYIlkley, West YorkshireMary Jane3.5%
OxenhopeILKLEYIlkley, West YorkshireMild Mary3.8%
OxenhopeKIRKSTALLLeedsBourbon Drop Hammer (Keg)10.0%
OxenhopeKIRKSTALLLeedsDissolution IPA5.0%
OxenhopeKIRKSTALLLeedsGrapefruit Virtuous (Keg) (VF)4.5%
OxenhopeKIRKSTALLLeedsJudicious (Keg) (VF)4.8%
OxenhopeKIRKSTALLLeedsKirkstall Bitter3.8%
OxenhopeKIRKSTALLLeedsKirkstall Pilsner (Keg) (VF)4.0%
OxenhopeKIRKSTALLLeedsKriek (Keg)3.4%
OxenhopeKIRKSTALLLeedsLeeds Midnight Bell4.8%
OxenhopeKIRKSTALLLeedsLeeds Pale3.8%
OxenhopeKIRKSTALLLeedsThree Swords4.5%
OxenhopeKIRKSTALLLeedsVirtuous (Keg) (VF)4.5%
OxenhopeKIRKSTALLLeedsRipley’s Reserve5.9%
OxenhopeMAGPIENottinghamPow Pow4.6%
OxenhopeMEANWOODLeedsArecibo Message5.7%
OxenhopeMEANWOODLeedsHerald 3.9%
OxenhopeMILL VALLEYCleckheaton, West YorkshireFudge (VF)4.6%
OxenhopeMILL VALLEYCleckheaton, West YorkshirePanther (VF) 4.0%
OxenhopeNIGHTJARMytholmroyd, West YorkshireCosmonaut4.4%
OxenhopeNIGHTJARMytholmroyd, West YorkshireThomas The Dank Engine6.0%
OxenhopeOAKHAMPeterborough, CambridgeshireKaleidescope5.0%
OxenhopeORKNEYQuoyloo, OrkneyPuffin4.5%
OxenhopeOSSETTOssett, West YorkshireAmarillo4.2%
OxenhopeOSSETTOssett, West YorkshireClockwork Orange4.3%
OxenhopeOSSETTOssett, West YorkshireEasy Does It3.4%
OxenhopeOSSETTOssett, West YorkshireExcelsius5.2%
OxenhopeOSSETTOssett, West YorkshireHallertau Blanc4.0%
OxenhopeOSSETTOssett, West YorkshireSilver King4.3%
OxenhopeOSSETTOssett, West YorkshireYorkshire Blonde3.9%
Train OOSSETTOssett, West YorkshireButterley3.8%
Train OOSSETTOssett, West YorkshireVoodoo5.0%
Train OOSSETTOssett, West YorkshireWhite Rat4.0%
OxenhopeRATHuddersfield, West YorkshireKing Rat IPA5.0%
OxenhopeRIVERHEADMarsden, West YorkshireBlack Moss Stout4.3%
OxenhopeRIVERHEADMarsden, West YorkshireMarch Haigh4.6%
OxenhopeROOSTERSHarrogate, North YorkshireBlame It On The Tetons (VF)6.3%
OxenhopeROOSTERSHarrogate, North YorkshireRagged Point5.0%
IngrowROUND CORNERMelton Mowbray, LeicestershireDrovers (Keg) (VF)4.3%
IngrowROUND CORNERMelton Mowbray, LeicestershireFrisby (Keg) (VF)4.4%
IngrowROUND CORNERMelton Mowbray, LeicestershireNight Garden4.5%
IngrowROUND CORNERMelton Mowbray, LeicestershireRev Hooker Nitro Stout (Keg) (VF)4.3%
IngrowROUND CORNERMelton Mowbray, LeicestershireSteeplechase (Keg) (VF)4.4%
IngrowROUND CORNERMelton Mowbray, LeicestershireUse It Or Lose It4.2%
OxenhopeST. AUSTELLSt. Austell, CornwallHicks – Strong Cornish Ale5.0%
OxenhopeSALOPIANHadnall, ShropshireGolden Thread5.0%
OxenhopeSALOPIANHadnall, ShropshireNick of Time3.9%
OxenhopeSALTAIREShipley, West YorkshireAmarillo4.5%
OxenhopeSALTAIREShipley, West YorkshireBest4.4%
OxenhopeSALTAIREShipley, West YorkshireBrewbarb4.2%
OxenhopeSALTAIREShipley, West YorkshireDDH Citra4.2%
OxenhopeSALTAIREShipley, West YorkshireLumina3.4%
OxenhopeSALTAIREShipley, West YorkshireNorthern Light 0.5%
OxenhopeSALTAIREShipley, West YorkshireSouth Island 3.5%
OxenhopeSALTAIREShipley, West YorkshireTimberwolf4.8%
OxenhopeSALTAIREShipley, West YorkshireTriple Chocoholic4.8%
OxenhopeSALTAIREShipley, West YorkshireYorkshire Special Bitter5.5%
OxenhopeSALTAIREShipley, West YorkshireZephyr5.5%
OxenhopeSHADOW BRIDGEBarton-Upon-Humber, NE LincolnshireThe Orb of Destiny4.1%
OxenhopeTHEAKSTONSMasham, North YorkshireOld Peculier5.6%
OxenhopeTHORNBRIDGEBakewell, DerbyshireTiramisu Lucaria4.5%
OxenhopeTHORNBRIDGE/TAYLORSBakewell, DerbyshireArtesian4.2%
OxenhopeTIMOTHY TAYLOR’SKeighley, West YorkshireBoltmaker4.0%
OxenhopeTIMOTHY TAYLOR’SKeighley, West YorkshireDark Mild3.5%
OxenhopeTIMOTHY TAYLOR’SKeighley, West YorkshireFool’s Gold4.5%
OxenhopeTIMOTHY TAYLOR’SKeighley, West YorkshireGolden Best3.5%
OxenhopeTIMOTHY TAYLOR’SKeighley, West YorkshireHopical Storm (Keg) (VF)4.0%
OxenhopeTIMOTHY TAYLOR’SKeighley, West YorkshireLandlord4.3%
OxenhopeTIMOTHY TAYLOR’SKeighley, West YorkshireLandlord Dark4.3%
Train TTIMOTHY TAYLOR’SKeighley, West YorkshireFool’s Gold4.5%
Train TTIMOTHY TAYLOR’SKeighley, West YorkshireKnowle Spring4.2%
Train TTIMOTHY TAYLOR’SKeighley, West YorkshireLandlord Dark4.3%
OxenhopeVELTINS (Kirkstall Bar)Meschede-Grevenstein, GermanyVeltins Pilsner (Keg)4.8%
IngrowVOCATIONCragg Vale, West YorkshireBread & Butter3.9%
IngrowVOCATIONCragg Vale, West YorkshireChop & Change Motueka4.5%
IngrowVOCATIONCragg Vale, West YorkshireCrush Hour (Keg) (VF)4.6%
IngrowVOCATIONCragg Vale, West YorkshireDeath By Cherries (Keg) (VF)4.5%
IngrowVOCATIONCragg Vale, West YorkshireHeart & Soul 4.4%
IngrowVOCATIONCragg Vale, West YorkshireHebden Lager (Keg) (VF)5.0%
OxenhopeVOCATIONCragg Vale, West YorkshireLife & Death 6.5%
IngrowVOCATIONCragg Vale, West YorkshireMilk Race4.0%
IngrowVOCATIONCragg Vale, West YorkshirePhantasm (Keg) (VF)6.5%
IngrowVOCATION/KIRKSTALLCragg Vale, West YorkshireVocation & Friends with Kirkstall3.8%
OxenhopeWILY FOXWigan, LancashireDark Flagon4.4%
OxenhopeWISHBONEKeighley, West YorkshireCatalogue Pose (VF)3.6%
OxenhopeWISHBONEKeighley, West YorkshireGumption Best Bitter4.2%
IngrowWISHBONEKeighley, West YorkshireBoilerplate (KK) (VF)5.7%
IngrowWISHBONEKeighley, West YorkshireReporting for Duty3.4%
IngrowWISHBONEKeighley, West YorkshireRubix Cube Pale (KK) (VF)4.5%
IngrowWISHBONEKeighley, West YorkshireSimcoe On Sine Waves IPA (KK) (VF)5.0%
IngrowWISHBONEKeighley, West YorkshireTiller Pin4.2%
IngrowWISHBONEKeighley, West YorkshireTeuton Lager (KK) (VF)4.0%
IngrowWISHBONEKeighley, West YorkshireVelvet Gloss Stout (KK) (VF)5.0%
IngrowWISHBONEKeighley, West YorkshireWood Be Good To Me (KK) (VF)10.6%
BreweryBeer NameABVBeer Description
ABBEYDALE BREWERYIrish Red Ale4.3%Gentle sweet with notes of caramel, balanced by a piney, spicy edge. The addition of Columbus, Cascade and Centennial gives an American style twist and a fresh, light bitterness.
AMITY BREW COBuff (VF)3.8%Dry Hopped Pale Ale. Nelson, Simcoe, Mosaic, Idaho 7 all dry-hopped, a simple and delicious barley and wheat malt base, expect tropical, apricot, citrus and grapefruity flavours and aromas – a true soft smashable pint in cask. We’ve taken inspiration from Whitelock’s iconic copper tables for both the name and colour of this badge, a standout matt metallic pumpclip! 
AMITY BREW COFestoon (Keg) (VF)4.6%Helles Lager. Refreshing, bitter and bready,this is Amity’s ode to the classic Helles lager.
AMITY BREW COSpinning Mill Barrel Project 001(VF)11.0%TWO DRINK TOKENS FOR ONE-THIRD OF A PINT. An incredible straight up Imperial Stout brewed with 8 malts and sugars and amped up to 11%. Sweet, dark winter fruits, caramel and jammy flavours and aromas all sing in harmony. Beer of the Festival at Kirkstall Heritage Beer Festival in May 2023. A unique experience to savour available in thirds only.
AMITY BREW COWaterpistol (Keg) (VF)4.6%Hazy, juicy Pale Ale. Expect big tropical vibes with a tonne of Australasian hops thrown in,.
Up to 2 of the 6 Amity Brew Co Keg Beers shown below will available at any one time.
AMITY BREW COAutum (Keg) (VF)4.6%A collaboration with Good Chemistry of Bristol, a plum & raisin porter on keg, in the likeness of Titanic Plum Porter but with First Gold hops adding an extra rasin characteristic.
AMITY BREW COBeach Cove (Keg) (VF) 4.6%DDH New England Pale. A collaboration with Full Circle Brew Co of Newcastle. The hazy golden appearance boasts tropical fruit flavoursand aroma. Citra, Simcoe and Azzaca doubled up in the dry hop deliver citrus notes of grapefruit and lemon, balanced with a subtle bitterness and a smooth mouthfeel.
AMITY BREW CODDH Wasterpistol (Keg) (VF)6.4%ONE DRINK TOKEN FOR ONE-THIRD OF A PINT. A hazy and juicy double dry-hopped pale ale bursting with tropical fruit flavours and aromas. With double the dry hop bill over standard Waterpistol, lashing in Motueka, Simcoe & Mosaic by the boatload both during and after fermentation for truly amped up hop levels and maximum aroma.
AMITY BREW COGreen Hop Beer (Keg) (VF)4.5%The first pour of this seasonal beer. This year Amity have worked with Leeds Co-Hoperative, a group of local growers who will pick their hop bines on Sunday morning 17th September, bring them to the brewery and along with the hops grown at the brewery the beer will be brewed that afternoon.
AMITY BREW COKazoo (Keg) (VF)4.0%Cucumber & Yuzu Pale Ale. A collaboartion with Tri-Point. This refreshing pale ale features cucumber and yuzu, two flavours that perfectly complement each other.
AMITY BREW COPhantom (Keg) (VF)5.4%ONE DRINK TOKEN FOR ONE-THIRD OF A PINT. New Zealand IPA. An exceptionally seductive IPA, utilizing Yakima Chief’s 303 Hop Blend, which includes a dose of Sauvignon Blanc grape power called Phantasm™, and a generous amount of New Zealand hops added during the cold side process. Amity say that even if the specific ingredients are unfamiliar to you, they guarantee that the flavour is outstanding.
BARKER BRIDGE BREWERY3 B’s4.2%Traditional bitter. A traditional malty golden ale with plenty of body, brewed with Cascade hops this ale has an ever so slight floral underone which leaves drinkers coming back for more.
BARKER BRIDGE BREWERYArch Blonde4.0%A typical blonde ale, delicately hopped to achieve an easy drinking ale with a subtle aftertaste.
BARKER BRIDGE BREWERYDark Day4.2%Porter. A traditional dark ale with a contrasting white head. Brewed with Fuggles and Chinook to compliment the roasted malt allowing for a smooth full-bodied pint.
BARSHAM BREWERYBitter Old Bustard (B.O.B.) (VF)4.3%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. A russet coloured Best Bitter that’s brewed with 3 of Britains’s finest hop varieties for a perfectly balanced taste.
BEARTOWN BREWERYGlacier3.6%Session Pale Ale with a delicate hop finish.
Up to 4 of the 8 Bingley Brewery Cask Beers shown below will available at any one time.
BINGLEY BREWERYAmarillo3.8%Pale. Deep golden colour. Clean and distinct orange tang and grapefruit aromas.
BINGLEY BREWERYDefragged My Zebra4.7%IPA.
BINGLEY BREWERYDr Rudi4.1%Smooth citrus pale.
BINGLEY BREWERYGoldy Locks4.0%Blonde made with pale crystal malt giving a delicate toffee aftertaste. Cascade aroma hop provides a refreshing citrus fragrance.
BINGLEY BREWERYHigh Noon4.5%A triple hopped blonde, bursting with vibrant fruity flavours of citrus and grapefruit and aromatic pine and spice aromas produced by the Centennial and El Dorado hops and then intensified by the dry hopping of Cascade and ending with a crisp and satisfying finish.
BINGLEY BREWERYPetham Cross4.3%A single hopped balanced fruity pale brewed using Chinook hops.
BINGLEY BREWERYSteady State4.2%A blend of chocolate and crystal malts give a smooth caramel and toffee flavour, whilst the East Kent Goldings and Willamette hops bring a floral and sweet aroma with a tinge of elderberry to this traditional amber/copper coloured best bitter.
BINGLEY BREWERYTasman Bay3.9%Motueka hopped New Zealand Pale.
BINGLEY BREWERYThat’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles5.2%Cookie Dough Stout.
BLACK HOLE BREWERYIPA5.2%IPA dry-hopped with American and New Zealand hops that give an intense fruity aroma with notes of grapefruit and pne.
BLACK SHEEP BREWERYRiggwelter5.9%Riggwelter is a real showcase of hops, malt and yeast. Layers of chocolate and coffee are most prominent with dark fruits offering a sweet balance against the bitter roasted flavours. Black Sheep’s in-house strain of yeast provides more fruity esters including freshly peeled banana.
BOWLAND BREWERYBoxer Blonde4.0%Straw coloured ale that packs a gooseberry punch.
BRASS CASTLE BREWERYBeowulf (Keg) (VF)4.2%BREWED TO A  GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. Unfiltered Helles Lager. Brass Castle’s take on a classic Munich-style lager.  Clean and crisp with plenty of biscuity malt character. Super refreshing.
BRASS CASTLE BREWERYDisruptor (Keg) (VF)7.4%CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE. ONE DRINK TOKEN FOR ONE-THIRD OF A PINT. A devilishly drinkable 7.4% hazy New England IPA.  Hopped with Amarillo, Citra, Chinook Columbus, and more, for big fruit aroma and maximum juiciness. SIBA Regional Gold 2020
BRASS CASTLE BREWERYExit Music (VF)5.5%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. Pale ale hopped with Citra in the kettle, before being double dry hopped with Ekuanot. The result is a 5.3% delight, bursting with citrus and tropical fruit
BRASS CASTLE BREWERYFat Rascal (VF)4.2%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. Almond & Cherry Turf Cake Miild. An ode to what must be Yorkshire’s most cherished cake, given the trademark battles it’s stirred up over the years.  Biscuity malt-forward fun aplenty in this 4.2% Almond & Cherry Turf Cake Mild.
BRASS CASTLE BREWERYFruit Lupe (VF)4.8%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. Bru 1 & Pineapple Pale – combination of fruit and hop. With notable floral character, BRU1 (an experimental hop variety) works a dream with Pineapple for a fresh bouquet, and gentle citrus in the finish.
BRASS CASTLE BREWERYGlide (VF)3.2%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. This super-sessionable pale weighs in at a sensible 3.4%, but with a rowdy rate of hopping.  Citra and Cascade in the boil followed up with a generous dry hopping of Galaxy give this little number bursts of citrus and tropical fruit, with a piney dry finish.
BRASS CASTLE BREWERYHerman Heff (VF) (Keg()5.2%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. Brass Castle’s take on a classic Hefeweizen style. Traditional German wheat beer aromas of orange zest and coriander pair with a light bready body with a golden hue from the malts. Über refreshing!
BRASS CASTLE BREWERYHoptical Illusion (Keg) (VF)4.3%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. A 4.3% hop-forward pale ale bursting with citrus, pine, and tropical fruit notes.
BRASS CASTLE BREWERYKintsugi (Keg) (VF)4.8%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — a metaphor for embracing your flaws and imperfections. Something we celebrate in this 4.8% Lemon Miso Gose. Lightly sour, tart citrus notes marry with a deep rich umami flavour in this zesty gose.
BRASS CASTLE BREWERYMisfit (VF)4.3%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. Part of a series of beers showcasing various hop pairings.  Think fresh citrus, grapefruit and pine with this combination.
BRASS CASTLE BREWERYNitro Bad Kitty (Keg) (VF)3.6%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. A 5.5% chewy chocolate-vanilla dream of a porter on nitro dispense for the purrfect pour. Multiple award winner, Champion Beer of Britain finalist 2019
BRASS CASTLE BREWERYZest for Life ((VF)6.5%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. Sweet orange meets dark chocolate in a dreamy 6.5% dessert stout. A total Jaffa quake that will shake your tastebuds.
BREW YORKCalmer Chameleon3.7%Super juicy and resinous Columbus, Mosaic, Simcoe and Idaho 7 hops uniting in a super smashable American Pale Ale.
BRIDGEHOUSE BREWERYAired Ale4.1%An English pale ale, malty biscuit in character with mixed fruit aromas and a lasting dry finish.
BRIDGEHOUSE BREWERYBlonde4.0%CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE. A blonde ale with floral and citrus flavours balanced with bitterness, from a blend of 4 hops and 2 malts
BRIDGEHOUSE BREWERYCherry Choc6.0%This strong stout is unbelievably smooth with sweetness from Oatmeal and Morello cherries. Delicate bitterness from English hops and a silky full body.
BRIDGEHOUSE BREWERYHoly Cow5.6%An amber coloured extra special (ESB) type bitter, with a sweet fruity start balanced by a warming hoppy finish
BRIDGEHOUSE BREWERYPorter4.5%A dark ruby coloured porter, with strong toffee and malt flavours and a very smooth and pleasant after-taste.
BRIDGEHOUSE BREWERYPumpkin Head 4.2%Copper coloured, this beer has full flavours that linger pleasantly on the palate. With a good bitter-sweet balance the beer has a robust hop character both citrus and spicy in nature. Light aromas from its Fuggles and Golding hops with just a hint of pumpkin.
BRIDGEHOUSE BREWERYRum & Raisin Stout4.9%Infused with rum, this stout has a pleasing chewy malt backbone with a warming rum & raisin flavour.
BRIDGEHOUSE BREWERYTequila Blonde3.8%A crisp blonde ale with sweet citrus aromas, infused with real Mexican Tequilla and lime, that result in an exciting mix of floral and citrus flavours balanced with bitterness.
BUTCOMBE BREWERYHaka4.5%Packed full of fruity New Zealand hops, including Nelson Sauvin. Aromas of tropical fruits give way to a unique grapefruit sharpness. Haka is a malty and smooth, full-flavoured, well-balanced pale ale.
CAMERON’S BREWERYStrongarm4.0%The brewery’s flagship beer. Well rounded, ruby red ale with a distinctive, tight creamy head. A good balance of malt, hops and bitterness.
CASTLE ROCK BREWERYHarvest Pale3.8%This multi-award winning blonde ale is brewed with a blend of the finest American hops (Centennial, Cascade and Chinook) to create a crisp, citrus character with a delicious refreshing bitterness.
COPPER DRAGON BREWERYBlack Gold3.7%A recipe created from restored brewing records from the 1800s. The use of traditional coloured and roasted malts give a unique rich and luscious flavour.
COPPER DRAGON BREWERYGolden Pippin3.9%A light refreshing blond ale with a citrus fruit flavour.
COPPER DRAGON BREWERYScotts 18164.1%A full bodied and flavoursome amber coloured ale, with a distinctive hoppy palate and aroma.
COPPER DRAGON BREWERYSilver Myst4.0%A genuine real ale Pilsner brewed with German pilsner malt, Saaz & Hallertauy hops and Yorkshire Water. Crisp, smooth, refreshing and pale in colour.
COPPER DRAGON/RECOIL CRAFTAntidote3.8%Look for tropical citrus like qualities of orange and grapefruit, set off against a pale malt backbone with a touch of caramel.
COPPER DRAGON/RECOIL CRAFTWhite Snake4.0%An easy drinking pale ale, well hopped with a combination of  Columbus, Amarillo and Bravo hops to produce aromas of lychees, peach and orange with a refreshing level of bitterness.
CRAVEN BREW COBlonde4.0%Blonde is hopped with the popular Chinook and Citra hops to provide the most satisfying of pints.
CRAVEN BREW CORed4.1%A rich malty red bitter brewed using crystal malt.
DARK HORSE BREWERYWorth Valley Pale4.2%A creamy and silky smooth golden pale ale. Clean malt aftertaste with a fruity hop character and mild bitterness.
DARKLAND INDIE BREW COOff The Lip (VF)4.4%Introducing a Double Dry Hopped Pale. A tantalising 4.4% pale ale, delight in its vibrant hop-forward experience, bursting with citrus aromas of grapefruit and tangerine, enhanced by subtle tropical notes of pineapple and passionfruit. Savour the harmonious blend of flavours, as a sturdy malt backbone balances the refreshing bitterness. Indulge in this captivating pale ale, where the process of double dry hopping really enhances the ale’s flavours allowing the hops to take centre stage, from nose to mouth.
DARKLAND INDIE BREW COParadise (VF)4.8%This award winning Vanilla & Coconut Stout is crafted using speciality chocolate malts infused with coconut and vanilla. This beer oozes with the sweet tropical taste of coconut that lingers on the taste buds as the subtle hint of vanilla enters the fray to create something special to savour.
DISRUPTION IS BREWINGArcadia4.0%Session pale.
EAGLES CRAG BREWERYThe Eagles Jester4.3%This golden session IPA is brewed with finest Maris Otter Malt with a touch of Munich Light Malt. It has well balanced fruity hop flavours from leaf Jester hops and is additionally dry hopped with Jester T45 pellets with excellent balanced malts leading to a refreshing, modern style tasty pint. 
EAGLES CRAG BREWERYThe Regal Eagle VF)8.0%Imperial Stout.
ELLAND BREWERY1872 Porter6.5%A rich, complex, dark ruby porter from an 1872 recipe. It has an old port nose, coffee and bitter chocolate flavours from four malts including finest Maris Otter and English hops. Supreme Champion Beer of Britain. Three times National Winter Ales Champion.
EXMOOR BREWERYRedstone4.6%A complex bland of crystal malts, providing a malty transition to dark winter ales. 
FAT CAT BREWING COMPANYTom Cat4.1%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. A session IPA showcasing the tropical flavours of the mosaic hop delivering bold and fruity flavours. A hoppy thirst quencher.
FIXED WHEEL BREWERYPETO4.6%A flavoursome session IPA, extra pale in colour, hopped with Amarillo, Comet and Chinook.
GOOSE EYE BREWERYChinook4.2%Blonde ale bursting at the seams with American Chinook hops, which provide it with the most distinctive and captivating taste.
GOOSE EYE BREWERYGem State Pale4.0%Pale hoppy session beer brewed with US hops
GOOSE EYE BREWERYGoose Eye Bitter3.9%A traditional bitter with chestnut colours. A great session beer with a good punch of flavour produced by three varieties of hop.
GOOSE EYE BREWERYOver and Stout5.2%An excessively dark stout, strong in content and strong in flavour. With the smoothness of a dark mild but the strength to wake the dead.
GOOSE EYE BREWERYPommie’s Revenge5.2%An extra strong single malt bitter brewed in the traditional manner with only the best English ingredients. Very palatable, without the heaviness of an old ale.
GOOSE EYE BREWERYSpring Wells3.6%A light ale absolutely bursting with flavour and packed to the brim with New Zealand hops.
GORILLA BREWING COApe-X4.4%Tropical session IPA. Full of mouthwatering flavours of pineapple, mango, passionfruit & guava.
GORILLA BREWING COStoutrageous4.2%An Irish stout with a rich mouthfeel, full of roast coffee and chocolate flavours. Full-bodied.
GORILLA BREWING COTwistin’ My Lemon Man4.8%A pale Bavarian Hopfenweisse made using Sorachi Ace hops with flavours of lemongrass & citrus. This beer will have you ‘Twistin’ Your Lemon Man!’
GREAT NEWSOME BREWERYFrothingham Best4.3%Dark amber robust best bitter. Aroma of raisin fruit & hazelnut, moderately bittered with resin hop and peach fruit tones through to a sweet finish
GREAT NEWSOME BREWERYSleck Dust3.8%Straw coloured thirst quenching easy drinking ale. Pleasingly bittered with lemony citrus hop notes and a floral aroma. “Sleck Dust” to quench the thirst!
HAMBLETON BREWERYBlack Spot5.2%Fruity dark porter. Dark chocolate noties underpin this well rounded porter, balanced with a fruity sweetness from cherries and plums.
HAMBLETON BREWERYHeadless Horseman4.2%Warm & toasty pumpkin spiced amber ale.
HARROGATE BREW COHarlow Blonde 3.9%A  lower alcohol blonde that uses English and American hops to create a delicate fusion of earthy yet zesty flavour.
HARROGATE BREW COHarrogate Best4.5%An amber coloured Best Bitter with a full bodied sweetness from dark crystal malts and a subtle spiciness from the malted rye.
HARROGATE BREW COHarrogate Pale4.2%Traditional English malts and modern American citra and simcoe hops combine for a light bodied session pale ale with floral and citrus notes.
HARROGATE BREW COHarrogate Pilsner (Keg)4.6%A light, refreshing lager with undertones of grapefruit and subtle spicy flavours.
HARROGATE BREW COPlum Porter4.8%Sweet plums mixed with chocolate malt to create a delicious, earthy porter.
HARROGATE BREW COWavey Marms IPA (Keg)3.8%A fruity, funky Session IPA made using Mosaic and Citra hops.⁣ Tropical notes with hints of marmalade. 
HAWKSHEAD BREWERYRed4.2%A rich malt-forward Red Ale brewed with English Maris Otter malted barley and whole cone English hops.
ILKLEY BREWERYMary Jane3.5%Made with high quantities of Amarillo hops, this pale crisp beer has refreshing citrus aromas and flavours. 
ILKLEY BREWERYMild Mary3.8%Dark Mild.
KIRKSTALL BREWERYBourbon Drop Hammer (Keg)10.0%ONE DRINK TOKEN FOR ONE-THIRD OF A PINT. A rich and powerful Imperial Stout forged from five malts, aged in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels for eight months. 
KIRKSTALL BREWERYDissolution IPA5.0%Brewed in memory of the dissolution of Kirkstall Abbey by Henry Vlll, in 1539 AD, and the disbanding of the Abbey’s Cistercian order. This is a classic India Pale Ale, with a resolute hoppy kick and lasting citrus finish. 
KIRKSTALL BREWERYGrapefruit Virtuous (Keg) (VF)4.5%CERTFIED GLUTEN FREE. The deliciously citrusy grapefruit edition of our Session IPA Virtuous.
KIRKSTALL BREWERYJudicious (Keg) (VF)4.8%Hazy New England style pale ale. This soft, clean and highly-hopped juicy pale is packed with flavours of pink grapefruit, pineapple, mango, lychee, passion fruit and peach, with a gentle hint of coconut.
KIRKSTALL BREWERYKirkstall Bitter3.8%A simple, incredibly refreshing traditional bitter. Amber malt takes centre stage, with East Kent Goldings hops adding a touch of forest fruits alongside a thirst-quenching bitterness.
KIRKSTALL BREWERYKirkstall Pilsner (Keg) (VF)4.0%CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE. Light, zesty and floral, lagered for 65 days on Bavarian yeast. The addition of Loral hop gives it the signature aromas of lemon zest and flowers. The perfect after work pint.
KIRKSTALL BREWERYKriek (Keg)3.4%ONE DRINK TOKEN FOR ONE-THIRD OF A PINT. A Belgian-style cherry beer brewed for Kirkstall by Brouwerij Haacht in Belgium. A medium-bodied and well-balanced fruit beer, rich with summer cherries, gentle sweetness and a smooth, dry finish.
KIRKSTALL BREWERYLeeds Midnight Bell4.8%A premium dark mild. Crystal and chocolate malts combine with wonderful Willamette hops to give a full bodied, complex character to this award winning ale.
KIRKSTALL BREWERYLeeds Pale3.8%An easy drinking pale ale. Light and hoppy with delicate floral notes and a well balanced finish.
KIRKSTALL BREWERYThree Swords4.5%Very pale and spectacularly thirst-quenching. Three different hops give this beer a delightful citrus nose.
KIRKSTALL BREWERYVirtuous (Keg) (VF)4.5%CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE. This session IPA has a clean citrus aroma that gives way to a fruit hop flavour. Flavours of tropical and citrus fruits, with hints of pine and blueberry are perfectly balanced by its complex malt base, giving it a flavoursome yet refreshing profile.. 
KIRKSTALL BREWERYRipley’s Reserve5.9%Ripley’s Reserve’ Tudor Ale is named for the final Abbot of Kirkstall, John Ripley, who surrendered the Abbey to the Crown in 1539. Kirkstall have imagined what the Cistercian monks could have brewed from their own crops of malt and hops, and reserved for themselves when the King took their home away from them. This rich, amber beer packs complex malt flavours and fruitiness, finished with a gentle, floral hop character.
MAGPIE BREWERYPow Pow4.6%Thirst-quenching citrusy pale with hints of coconut and a creamy peach-like finish.
MEANWOOD BREWERYArecibo Message5.7%American Pale. A shining example of a classic American pale reimagined for the Age of Juice. Oats & wheat dial up the haze and silky mouthfeel, pairing perfectly with the layered citrus and tropical & stone fruit character courtesy of Columbus, Simcoe & El Dorado.
MEANWOOD BREWERYHerald 3.9%An easy-drinking dry-hopped session pale. Big hits of Cascade and Jester added to both the whirlpool and dry hop deliver tangy notes of lemon and lime zest with bold tropical and grapefruit upfront. The light and balanced malt body make this pale smashable to the max.
MEANWOOD BREWERYLorelei5.3%Silky smooth sessionable Jasmine Wit. Wit yeast, Jasmine, corriander seed and bitter orange peel.  
MILL VALLEY BREWERY (NORTHERN)Fudge (VF)4.6%An award winning smooth and rich stout, with added flavors of Chocolate Brownie, and a lightly roasted hint, to balance out the sweeness. This is Fudge!
MILL VALLEY BREWERY (NORTHERN)Panther (VF) 4.0%This pale ale is brewed with Yorkshire Pale & wheat malt, and hopped with American Citra. Crisp & refreshing with mellow tropical fruits, certainly a session beer.
NIGHTJAR BREW COCosmonaut4.4%Out of this world milk oat meal Irish Stout. Velvety and smooth and pulls with a toffee coloured head. Rich, luxurious and creamy but as dark as deep space. 
NIGHTJAR BREW COThomas The Dank Engine6.0%Utilising the dankest hops known to mankind, this Double Dry Hopped NEIPA showcases Galaxy, Strata and Amarillo. Intensely dank with aromas of passionfruit and mango meets marijuana! Flavours also at play include peach, grapefruit and orange. A blend of two different yeasts on a bed of oats, wheat and dextrin malts completes the depth of flavour on this 6% lush, cloudy beer. Take a trip to the tropics with Thomas & Friends.
OAKHAM ALESKaleidescope5.0%Deep red in colour with a full bodied taste. Brewed with roast and crystal malts which mellow in flavour to reveal a rich, robust hop finish.
ORKNEY BREWERYPuffin4.5%A burnished bronze beer, with aromas of spices, sweet nutty malt and dark fruits.
OSSETT BREWERYAmarillo4.2%Fairly Bitter with a citrus & marmalade character
OSSETT BREWERYClockwork Orange4.3%A premium golden Session IPA brewed from pale, Munich and cara malts to give malty and bready flavours. Bitterness is moderately high, but Mandarina Bavaria and Galaxy added as a late hop in the whirlpool, along with a generous quantity of sweet orange peel results in pronounced orange and tropical fruit flavours. The hop aroma is further enhanced by a moderate post-fermentation addition of Amarillo to yield sweet orange and tangerine characteristics.
OSSETT BREWERYEasy Does It3.4%An easy drinking session summer bitter; clear pale straw in colour and full-bodied with hints of peach, pineapple and passion fruit on the aroma and a balanced dry, citrus bitterness in taste delivered from new British Harlequin and American Citra hops.
OSSETT BREWERYExcelsius5.2%A classic dry-hopped Pale Ale, brewed from British pale malt and US Cascade hops. Smooth, fruity and full-bodied, with a deceptive bitterness to complement its alcohol strength. Refreshing citrus hop aromas complete the sensory pleasure.
OSSETT BREWERYHallertau Blanc4.0%Released in 2012, Hallertau Blanc is a German hop variety bred from Cascade to match American beer styles. The flavour profile is said to be fruity, with wine-like qualities of gooseberry and lemongrass, similar to that of Sauvignon Blanc.
OSSETT BREWERYSilver King4.3%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. A simple combination of pale malt and American Cascade hops result in a crisp, dry and refreshing pale ale with aromas of citrus fruit and balanced bitterness.
OSSETT BREWERYYorkshire Blonde3.9%Full-bodied pale ale, well-rounded and slightly sweet on the palate. A generous addition of Mount Hood hops late in the boil result in a delicate fruity aroma.
OSSETT BREWERYButterley3.8%A traditional, easy drinking Yorkshire Bitter, made from all British ingredients. Pale copper in colour, this beer initially has sweet malt and honey on the palate, followed by a moderately bitter finish. The delicate hop aromas can be described as floral and spicy. 
OSSETT BREWERYVoodoo5.0%Chocolate Orange Stout. A deliciously rich and full-bodied stout, brewed from pale, roasted and chocolate malts. Smooth and with moderate bitterness, chocolate flavours dominate the palate paired with aromas of orange and vanilla. 
OSSETT BREWERYWhite Rat4.0%This very pale, hoppy ale is made from low colour malt. A combination of Cascade, Columbus & Amarillo hops produce an intensely aromatic and resinous finish. 
RAT BREWERYKing Rat IPA5.0%King Rat IPA is a beer that is all about hops, the Nelson Sauvin variety from New Zealand give a unique ‘white-winey’ aroma. Bitterness is high, but balanced nicely by a residual malty sweetness
RIVERHEAD BREWERYBlack Moss Stout4.3%A heavy, full bodied jet back stout with roasted malt flavours, delicately hopped with English classics, Challenger & Fuggles.
RIVERHEAD BREWERYMarch Haigh4.6%A rich golden brown premium bitter with moderate bitterness and subtle floral aroma from English hops
ROOSTERS BREWERYBlame It On The Tetons (VF)6.3%An extra pale, hazy Mountain IPA that delivers the fleshy tropical, stone fruit juiciness of a NEIPA, thanks to a blend of El Dorado, Ekuanot and Amarillo hops, with a touch of balanced West Coast bitterness on the finish. 
ROOSTERS BREWERYRagged Point5.0%West-Coast Stout. Traditionally speaking, a classic stout recipe is all about putting the roasted flavours dark malts offer up front and centre and we’re all for that, but we also love hops, so we decided to throw a boatload of juicy new world varieties in, both at the very end of the boil and as a dry hop addition to create a deceptively hoppy twist on tradition.
ROUND CORNER BREWINGDrovers (Keg) (VF)4.3%Hazy Vermont session IPA. Massively dry-hopped with Lemondrop, Bavaria Mandarina, Citra, Mosaic & Motueka hops creating a juicy tropical-citrus fruit bomb. Generous additions of oats and torrified wheat ensure a silky-smooth palate balanced by a mellow bitterness.
ROUND CORNER BREWINGFrisby (Keg) (VF)4.4%Finest German pilsner malt and English wheat malt forge a classically smooth lager beer. Perle, Hallertau Mittelfruh and Fuggles hops deliver grassy, sweet-spice and gentle lemon like citrus aromas and an elegant bitter finish.
ROUND CORNER BREWINGNight Garden4.5%Oatmeal Stout. A rich expression of dark and roasty malts, coffee, caramel, chocolate, and dark fruits nourish the palate, and a large portion of oats equip this beer with a velvety mouthfeel. Challenger and goldings hops only just offset the malt sweetness with a mellow bitterness and provide moderate floral and cedar aromas.
ROUND CORNER BREWINGRev Hooker Nitro Stout (Keg) (VF)4.3%Taking 120 seconds to settle, Reverand Hooker is a smooth and creamy dry Irish stout, which pours black with a tight white head. Its 11 different maltd are blended harmoniously, imparting subtle aromas oif dried fruits, dates and chocolate. With a velvet like mouthfeel, Pactific Jade and Fuggles hops add a sublime bitter finish.
ROUND CORNER BREWINGSteeplechase (Keg) (VF)4.4%World Champion Pale Ale. Pours a sumptuous orange hue provided by a base of the finest English barley malts. Builds a level of sweet complexity that is well balanced with New Zealand & US hops. Juicy hop aromas of oranges & tropical fruit and citrus orchards lead to a very pleasing bitterness and cleansing finish.
ROUND CORNER BREWINGUse It Or Lose It4.2%A session ale packed full of aromatic USA and NZ Hops. Pouring with a rich orange golden hue, Comet, Nelson Sauvin, Crystal, Mosaic and Motueka blend to give luscious juicy aromas of pineapple, gooseberry and kiwifruit. The malt takes a back seat with some light biscuit and caramel malts underpinning the hops, the finish is dry. 
ST. AUSTELL BREWERYHicks – Strong Cornish Ale5.0%Full bodied, strong and unmistakably Cornish! This Premium Bitter/ESB is brewed with plenty of malt and lashings of English Progress and Golding hops, Hicks is truly a classic ale of significant depth and complexity.
SALOPIAN BREWERYGolden Thread5.0%A bright gold ale, using wheat, lager malt, and flavoured with an infusion of aroma hops. Clean and crisp to the palate with a hint of sweetness and a long fruit-filled finish.
SALOPIAN BREWERYNick of Time3.9%A hybrid bitter; the malt body & mouthfeel being faithful to the style of a British classic but with New World hops.
SALTAIRE BREWERYAmarillo4.5%The vibrant Amarillo hop infusea fresh, orange flavours into this bright refreshing beer.
SALTAIRE BREWERYBest4.4%Using all British ingredients and the most traditional of recipes, this classic Best Bitter perfectly balances a rich malt backbone with citrus hop notes.
SALTAIRE BREWERYBrewbarb4.2%A fruity twist on a classic pale, Brewbarb beautifully showcases rhubarb’s distinct flavour and aroma. A perfectly balanced refreshing pale with a smooth finish and citrus undertones.
SALTAIRE BREWERYDDH Citra4.2%Saltaire have taken one of their most popular beers which showcases one of the most aromatic and flavoursome hops and juiced it up with an extra hit of Citra hops. Double dry-hopping adds more flavour and aroma to what was already a punchy, citrussy beer.
SALTAIRE BREWERYLumina3.4%A juicy, hoppy pale. Delicious and refreshing flavours of citrus, pine and stone fruit notes are carried by a clean and crisp profile.
SALTAIRE BREWERYNorthern Light 0.5%Low in alcohol, but full in flavour. This super refreshing 0.5% ABV pale has a balanced citrussy bitterness that you can enjoy over and over again.
SALTAIRE BREWERYSouth Island 3.5%Punching above its weight in flavour, this is a clean, crisp beer with subtle fruitiness from Nelson Sauvin hops.
SALTAIRE BREWERYTimberwolf4.8%A hazy, hoppy pale ale bursting with Simcoe, Cascade and Mosaic hops. Delivering a delightful combination of tropical and stone fruit flavours it’s perfectly balanced by a touch of pine and supported by a gentlke malt base.
SALTAIRE BREWERYTriple Chocoholic4.8%Thick and black stout with a dense caramel head. Smell is chocolate! Taste is clean and rich with a massive hit of chocolate sweetness.
SALTAIRE BREWERYYorkshire Special Bitter5.5%Saltaire’s Yorkshire version of the classic ESB style. A valiant and robust malt bill paired against an all-British hop line-up presents orange citrus, with deep caramel notes. A well-rounded, bold and assured bitter.
SALTAIRE BREWERYZephyr5.5%A zephyr of delight for the senses, this beers juicy, hop-forward nature is a celebration of Amarillo, Chinook, and Mosaic hops. Delicious and refreshing flavours of citrus, pine, and stone fruit notes are carried by a clean and crisp profile.
SHADOW BRIDGE BREWERYThe Orb of Destiny4.1%The honeycomb lifts the malt, and the malt brings out just a hint of the exquisite sweetness of the honey.
THEAKSTONS BREWERYOld Peculier5.6%Brewed with generous quantities of finest malted barley, Challenger, Target and noble Fuggle hops, fermented with the famous Theakston twin strain yeast, Old Peculier is a deep, dark coloured ale with a rich fruity flavour and hints of black cherry and banana.
THORNBRIDGE BREWERYTiramisu Lucaria4.5%Tiramisu Ice Cream Porter. The beauty of Tiramisu lies in its spectrum of flavours and textures, with the sponge and soft mascarpone providing a contrast for the roasted coffee and indulgent dark cocoa. Thornbridge have strived to do justice to such a renowned dessert and think they have captured the flavours perfectly
THORNBRIDGE/TIMOTHY TAYLORSArtesian4.2%This Elderlower and Gooseberry Pale Ale is a colloboration between Thornbridge Brewery and Timothy Taylors Brewery. Brewed using Crystal, Chinook and Amarillo hops, Pale Ale Malt and Wheat.It is packed with aroma and flavour from the addition of elderflowers and gooseberries.
TIMOTHY TAYLOR’S BREWERYBoltmaker4.0%Tawny bitter combining hops, fruit and nutty malt. Lingering, increasingly bitter aftertaste. 
TIMOTHY TAYLOR’S BREWERYDark Mild3.5%A 3.5% dark ruby beer with roasted notes and a smooth, creamy taste. A favourite of lovers of a good mild.
TIMOTHY TAYLOR’S BREWERYFool’s Gold4.5%A modern pale ale that uses the award-winning Landlord recipe as its backbone. Dry-hopped with UK-grown Jester and Harlequin hops, which creates a deliciously fruity and hoppy version of the classic.
TIMOTHY TAYLOR’S BREWERYGolden Best3.5%The last of the true Pennine light milds. A crisp, amber coloured beer that makes a refreshing session ale.
TIMOTHY TAYLOR’S BREWERYHopical Storm (Keg) (VF)4.0%An aromatic dry-hopped, modern pale ale. Brewed using whole leaf hops grown entirely in the UK, with three stages of hopping to give depth of flavour and an aromatic nose. Citrussy and sessionable, it has a pleasant fruity body topped with flavours of mandarin, mango and passion fruit.
TIMOTHY TAYLOR’S BREWERYLandlord4.3%A classic pale ale with a golden amber colour. It has a scent of caramel, light fruits and roasted malt hints. Multi-award winner 
TIMOTHY TAYLOR’S BREWERYLandlord Dark4.3%This perfectly balanced mellow dark beer has body and depth. It has a fruity, toasted aroma with hints of chocolate, citrus and roasted malts on the tongue. A darker shade of pale!
TIMOTHY TAYLOR’S BREWERYFool’s Gold4.5%A modern pale ale that uses the award-winning Landlord recipe as its backbone. Dry-hopped with UK-grown Jester and Harlequin hops, which creates a deliciously fruity and hoppy version of the classic.
TIMOTHY TAYLOR’S BREWERYKnowle Spring4.2%A full-bodied easy drinking blonde beer with floral and grapefruit aromas, spiced orange on the tongue, followed by aromatic citrus hop flavours to finish.
TIMOTHY TAYLOR’S BREWERYLandlord Dark4.3%This perfectly balanced mellow dark beer has body and depth. It has a fruity, toasted aroma with hints of chocolate, citrus and roasted malts on the tongue. A darker shade of pale!
VELTINS BREWERYVeltins Pilsner (Keg)4.8%Brewed using the brewery’s own natural spring water. This German brewed Pilsner lager has a delicate, dry and clean palate, fine carbonated body, slight bitterness and a light citrus finish.
VOCATION BREWERYBread & Butter3.9%Layers of US hops are set against a backbone of British malts, so what this beer lacks in strength, it makes up for in character. Look out for fresh flavours and aromas of pine, peach, lychee & citrus fruits, tempered by a smoothly rounded bitterness to leave you wanting more.
VOCATION BREWERYChop & Change Motueka4.5%This is our ‘white label’ beer, brewed in limited production runs so you might never see the same beer twice. We use a simple pale malt profile, and generous additions of named hops to allow the characteristics of those hops to really shine through. Always changing, always special. This batch: MOTUEKA
VOCATION BREWERYCrush Hour (Keg) (VF)4.6%Hazy pale ale. Brewed to a sensible 4.6% with a touch of juicy haze, Crush Hour is crisp, refreshing and flavourful without being overwhelming – In fact, it’s just the right amount of whelming – an unobtrusive accomplice to good times. 
VOCATION BREWERYDeath By Cherries (Keg) (VF)4.5%ONE DRINK TOKEN FOR ONE-THIRD OF A PINT. Only the brave can handle this intense mix of sweet and sour cherries. It’s bold flavours will leave even the biggest adrenaline junkie wanting more. A mouth watering jammy sour, with an intense cherry overload. As vibrant in flavour as it is in colour.
VOCATION BREWERYHeart & Soul 4.4%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. Created to have all the hoppy goodness of an IPA, but brewed to a sessionable strength. Its intense fruit-salad character comes from generous additions of US West Coast hops. A full bodied and fruity beer, with notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry, pineapple & mango.
VOCATION BREWERYHebden Lager (Keg) (VF)5.0%Clean, crisp and refreshing. It’s the healthy dose of Hallertau hops that give this premium lager its lightly floral and spicy aroma.
VOCATION BREWERYLife & Death 6.5%Surrender yourself to fruit-forward flavours with a dash of sharp citrus, followed by a lingering bitterness set against a smooth, malty base.
VOCATION BREWERYMilk Race4.0%A traditional milk stout that is smooth, rich and creamy, giving notes of coffee and caramel, with a rich chocolatey aroma and a dry, slightly roasted finish. Brewed in tribute to one of Britain’s most prestigious cycling events.
VOCATION BREWERYPhantasm (Keg) (VF)6.5%ONE DRINK TOKEN FOR ONE-THIRD OF A PINT. This beer showcases Phantasm – a brand new experimental hop blend featuring a natural ingredient derived from NZ Sauvignon Blanc grapes which supercharges hop flavours. A round and juicy IPA with Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic delivering through-the-roof sherbet, orange pith and cotton candy berry aromas, with Simcoe’s earthy pithy undertones.
VOCATION/KIRKSTALLVocation & Friends with Kirkstall3.8%A refreshing light bodied brew that boasts a smooth malty backbone which lays the foundation for a symphony of flavours. An overall harmonious balance of floral, spice & herbal notes throughout. Paired with a mild bitterness that lingers ever so slightly on the finish.
WILY FOX BREWERYDark Flagon4.4%A Porter made from Maris Otter, chocolate & crystal malt. A nice rum finish to a coffee & chocolate base.
WISHBONE BREWERYCatalogue Pose (VF)3.6%BREWED TO A GLUTEN FREE RECIPE. Pale Ale, very light in colour with American Citra, Amarillo and German Mandarina Bavaria hops.
WISHBONE BREWERYGumption Best Bitter4.2%Gumption is a traditional malt-driven Best Bitter with a load British hops in it
WISHBONE BREWERYBoilerplate (KK) (VF)5.7%Boilerplate is a copper coloured German Beechwood smoked beer with three malts coming from Weyermann in Bamberg, Germany, hopped with German Magnum & Mittlefruh, fermented with a Lager yeast and aged.
WISHBONE BREWERYReporting for Duty3.4%Session Pale Ale, brewed with Idaho 7, Citra, Mosaic and  Simcoe Hops.
WISHBONE BREWERYRubix Cube Pale (KK) (VF)4.5%Tropical flavours from American Sabro and New Zealand Motueka hops in this dry-hopped pale.
WISHBONE BREWERYSimcoe On Sine Waves IPA (KK) (VF)5.0%India Pale Ale brewed with the Verdant yeast, almost entirely Simcoe hops with just a soupcon of Citra to bring a rounding-out effect.
WISHBONE BREWERYTiller Pin4.2%American hopped pale ale, Citra, Chinook & Cascade hops and subtly dry-hopped.
WISHBONE BREWERYTeuton Lager (KK) (VF)4.0%Collaboration brew with Second Sight Brew Co. Light Straw in colour, Session strength German Tettnang hopped Lager.
WISHBONE BREWERYVelvet Gloss Stout (KK) (VF)5.0%A British hopped smooth, dark Stout using a blend of Crystal malts, Pale Chocolate and Carafa Special 2 malts. 
WISHBONE BREWERYWood Be Good To Me (KK) (VF)10.6%TWO DRINK TOKENS FOR ONE-THIRD OF A PINT.  Barley wine aged in Red wine barrels for 11 months, deeply malty and satisfying, belies its strength with balance, a hint of red wine colour along with notes of barrel wood and red wine.
LocationCideryCidery LocationTypeABVsweet cider with a refreshing mango
OxenhopeBlack Rat Somerset Perry6.8%Medium traditional farmhouse from locally sourced pears
IngrowBroadoakSomersetFlavoured4.0%Sweet, classic handcrafted cloudy – perfect after a day’s work in the fields. 
OxenhopeBroadoakSomersetFlavoured4.0%Sweet – like the ice cream but with cider!
OxenhopeCeltic Marches HerefordshireMedium5.2%Medium well rounded gorgeous golden colour 
OxenhopeDorset NectarDorsetMedium5.8%Medium dry crisp single apple variety 
OxenhopeDudda’s TunKent Flavoured4.0%Medium dry, crisp single apple variety 
OxenhopeGwatkin CiderHerefordshireMedium7.0%Medium dry, rich in colour flavour and body
OxenhopeGwynt Y DdraigWales Medium7.2%Sweet, classic handcrafted cloudy – perfect after a day’s work in the fields. 
OxenhopeGwynt Y DdraigWalesMedium4.5%Medium sweet, smooth and rich red colour – CAMRA award winner
OxenhopeMr Whitehead’s HampshirePerry5.0%Medium natural pear cider
IngrowHecksSomersetDry6.5%Cider fermented in oak barrels
OxenhopeHecks SomersetPerry6.5%Blended pear juices, fragrant odour and fruity taste
OxenhopeHunts DevonSweet4.5%Sweet classic handcrafted coudy – perfect after a day’s work in the fields. 
OxenhopeHunts DevonMedium6.0%Medium traditional farmhouse – ‘Squire’s bin on the Wobbler’.
IngrowNewton’s CourtHerefordshire Medium4.8%Medium traditional cloudy full-bodied with satisfying cider ‘bite’
OxenhopeNewton’s CourtHerefordshire medium5.8%Organic medium, well-balanced golden full-bodied
OxenhopePerry’sSomerset Medium5.5%Sweet farm pressed single orchard cider
OxenhopeSandford OrchardDevonMedium6.0%Medium traditional cloudy full bodied with satisfying cider ‘bite’
OxenhopeSandford OrchardDevonFlavoured4.0%Cider with blackberries for a uniquely refreshing cider
OxenhopeSeaCider SussexFlavoured4.0%Fresh oranges blended with superb cider
IngrowSheppySomersetFlavoured4.0%med sweet dessert apple cider – blackberry juice and elderflower infusion
OxenhopeTempars ChoiceNormandyDry7.0%Extra dry cider which is keeved, pure juice, unpasteurised, unfiltered.
OxenhopeTutts ClumpBerkshireFlavoured4.0%Medium sweet infused with real cranberry juice
OxenhopeTwistedDorsetFlavoured4.0%Sweet farmhouse – rich, fruity full apple taste
OxenhopeWinkleighDevonMedium7.5%Medium dry premium scrumpy, bright with wine-like characteristics
OxenhopeMy’N’ErsHampshireDry6.0%Blend of Hampshire eating & somerset cider apples
OxenhopeDudda’s TunKentMedium6.5%Medium golden cider from blend of Russet, Cox & Bramley
OxenhopePulpHerefordshire Flavoured4.0%An autumn favourite! sweet cider with a bold taste of Slow Gin
Ingrow, Oxenhope & On trainPulpHerefordshire Flavoured4.0%Refreshing zingy cider delicately flavoured with genuine Yorkshire rhubarb
OxenhopePulpHerefordshire Flavoured3.4%Sweet classic cocktail cider – passion fruit with lingering vanilla
OxenhopePulpHerefordshire Flavoured4.0%Medium cider with sweet mango and tangy lime
OxenhopePulpHerefordshire Flavoured4.0%Medium cider blended with sweet Damson juice
OxenhopeAbrahallsHerefordshire Dry6.0%Well-rounded, easy-to-drink, dry cider made from 100% cider apples grown on the family’s farm in Bishops Frome.
OxenhopePulp Herefordshire Medium4.7%Med dry zesty bitter sharp/bittersweet blend with some dessert varieties
Keg (Sparkling) available at Oxenhope Only
OxenhopeDorset NectarDorsetFlavoured3.8%
OxenhopePulpHerefordshire Flavoured4.0%
OxenhopePulpHerefordshire Flavoured4.0%
OxenhopeAbrahallsHerefordshire Dry6.0%
OxenhopePulp Herefordshire Medium4.7%
IlkleyMaiden Mary (Pale)330ml0.5%
IlkleyNowt Mary (Stout)330ml0.5%
SaltaireNorthern Light (from the keg)1/2 Pint Glass0.5%
KoppabergMixed Fruit500ml0.0%
KoppabergPear Cider500ml0.0%
KoppabergStrawberry & Lime500ml0.0%
Stowford PressLow Alcohol500ml0.5%
CoronaCero Alcohol Free Beer330ml0.0%
Heineken0.0% Alcohol Free Beer330ml0.0%
Erdinger0.0% Alcohol-Free Beer500ml0.4%
SavyllAlcohol-Free Wheat Beer250ml0.0%
SavyllAlcohol Free Mojita250ml0.0%
FolkingtonsElderflower Presse250ml0.0%
FolkingtonsLemon & Mint Presse250ml0.0%
FolkingtonsGinger Beer Presse250ml0.0%
FolkingtonsRhubarb & Apple Presse250ml0.0%
M&SAlcohol-Free Sparkling Wine250ml0.0%
NozecoAlcohol-Free Rose Sparkling250ml0.0%
NozecoAlcohol Free Rose Sparkling250ml0.0%
Alcohol-Free Fizzero Rose
Nik & KixSparkling Mango & Ginger250ml0.0%